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Mayfield’s Top Tips for Deck Design

The Mayfield Group share their Deck Design Tips

Looking for some deck design tips?

Things to consider when designing your uPVC decking with Mayfield. Use our new tool, DeckMe, to begin your planning process today!

Our Free Decking Design Tool

DeckMe is a free tool for designing decking that you can use to perfectly map out everything you want for your static caravan. To begin your decking design journey, you will first need to provide some relevant information, including the size of your holiday lodge and whether your home has a shaped front at the chassis level.

Once you have created your holiday home, you can use DeckMe to start planning the perfect custom sundeck. The simple drag and drop tool allows you to play around with different deck designs and styles, as well as the options to add lighting, steps, gates and skirting.

Deck Design Tips: Things to Consider when Planning Decking

So, you’ve made the decision to add decking to your home or static caravan, here’s what you need to consider when planning your deck.

Best Materials for Decking

The first thing to consider when designing a deck is what material would you like your decking boards to be made from. We would recommend using uPVC for your decking, uPVC is virtually maintenance-free, resistant to weathering and fading and the most environmentally-friendly option for your decking. For more information, take a look at our latest blog where we outline the benefits of uPVC decking.

Think Placement

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where would you have the best view?
  • Where would you have more privacy?
  • Where does the sun rise and where does it set?

Remember that we are decking experts and can lay a sundeck on virtually any terrain, from sands to slopes. When you are thinking about the placement of your decking, remember to think about things you may want to avoid, for instance, large trees or bushes which might block out lots of sunlight.

Decking Colour and Style

In our latest blog, we talked about the composite decking colours available with our Hampton Decking. From a traditional Cornish Cream to the modern Kimmeridge Grey, each decking colour available in our palette was chosen for its versatility and style. Make sure the colour you choose for your decking complements your surroundings and gives off the style you want!

Main uses and Accessories

If you’re considering decking, you have probably thought about all the things you could use this new outdoor space for. From family parties and barbeques to unwinding on some comfortable outdoor furniture or in a Hot Tub. Maybe you will have a bit of both? Make sure you leave ample space for whatever you will be getting up to and then consider whether you might benefit from extra lighting in certain areas.

Traffic and Accessibility

One of the deck design tips that is always forgotten, think about the human traffic on your deck. Once you have allocated space for the activities that you will enjoy, be sure to clear pathways between and around the deck. It’s easy to get carried away sometimes with all the possibilities, remember to leave ample room when designing your decking as you will still need to move around on the deck.

Don’t forget to think about access too. Would steps or a slope be more appropriate for your sundeck?

Bespoke Decking Design by Mayfield

Mayfield will guide you through your decking project, taking your initial ideas and helping you with the planning stages right through the completion. Based in Bournemouth, Mayfield supply decking for static caravans, holiday lodges and residential properties around the UK, thanks to our Approved Supplier Network.

For more information and some #deckspiration, take a look at Mayfield on Facebook and Mayfield on Instagram.



Q: What is DeckMe, and how can it help with deck design?

A: DeckMe is a free tool provided by Mayfield for designing uPVC decking. It allows users to input relevant information about their holiday lodge and use a drag-and-drop interface to plan and customise their sundeck, including adding lighting, steps, gates, and skirting.

Q: What material does Mayfield recommend for decking boards?

A: Mayfield recommends using uPVC for decking boards. uPVC is virtually maintenance-free, weather-resistant, fade-resistant, and considered the most environmentally-friendly option for decking.

Q: What should be considered when deciding the placement of the decking?

A: When planning the placement of the decking, consider factors such as the best view, privacy, sun orientation (sunrise and sunset), and potential obstructions like large trees or bushes that may block sunlight.

Q: What should one consider when choosing the color and style of the decking?

A: Choose a decking color that complements the surroundings and aligns with the desired style. Mayfield offers a range of composite decking colors with different styles, from traditional to modern.

Q: What are some main uses and accessories to consider for the deck?

A: Consider the various activities you intend to use the deck for, such as family parties, barbeques, relaxation, or having a hot tub. Leave ample space for these activities and consider adding extra lighting for certain areas.

Q: What should be kept in mind regarding traffic and accessibility on the deck?

A: Ensure there are clear pathways between and around the deck to accommodate human traffic. Leave enough room to move around on the deck comfortably. Additionally, consider whether steps or a slope would be more appropriate for deck access.

Q: How can Mayfield assist with bespoke decking design?

A: Mayfield offers guidance and support throughout the decking project, helping clients with initial ideas and planning stages until completion. They specialise in supplying decking for static caravans, holiday lodges, and residential properties across the UK through their Approved Supplier Network.

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