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Holiday Park Homes Just Got An Upgrade

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Let me paint a picture for you. A summer evening, the sun setting in the distance, and your guests lounging on their holiday park home deck, reminiscing about their day. Sounds dreamy, right? This dream is what Mike and Debbie envisioned over 30 years ago when they founded Mayfield Decking. And boy, has that dream come alive.

The Mayfield Legacy: 30 Years and Counting

Mike and Debbie started Mayfield with a simple mission: to transform holiday park homes across the UK. Fast forward 30 years, and we’ve not only become a trusted nationwide supplier of decking and sundeck accessories for holiday park homes, but we’ve also designed, manufactured, delivered, and installed countless dream decks.

When you think about experience, commitment, and passion in the decking industry, especially in decking for holiday park homes, think Mayfield Decking.

Why Decking Isn’t Just “Decking” to Us

There was a time when Mike would sit on an old wooden deck, sipping on his tea, thinking, “There has to be a better way.” From those musings, Mayfield’s speciality in decking for holiday park homes was born. Every plank we lay, every design we conceptualise, has a story, a memory attached. Your deck isn’t just an extension of a holiday home; it’s an extension of our legacy.

The Mayfield Decking Experience

Ever wonder what over three decades in the business feels like? It feels like perfection, innovation, and sheer dedication.

Why Choose Mayfield?

  • Decades of Trust: Over 30 years, we’ve forged relationships, learned from feedback, and continuously innovated. Our journey and our reputation speak for themselves.
  • Green and Gorgeous: Using recyclable uPVC material, our decks are as eco-friendly as they are stunning. Every design, be it rustic or modern, echoes our commitment to quality.

From Our Factory in Poole to Your Holiday Park Home

Our process is seamless. We design decking for holiday park homes, keeping your preferences in mind. We manufacture, ensuring top-notch quality. We deliver, making sure everything is on time. And finally, we install, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Here’s What Our Family of Customers Have to Say

“We have been very happy with Mayfield, their customer service is excellent. We sat down together and went through all our options. As you can see the quality is fantastic”

“I have no hesitation in recommending Mayfield if you are considering decking for a static caravan area. From the initial survey by Haley and advice on materials and colours to Jessica in the Admin team, first-class service. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our new sun decking, thoroughly great job from start to finish.”

Ready for the Mayfield Transformation?

Your holiday park deserves more than just decking. It deserves Mayfield decking. So, let’s brew some tea, discuss designs, and embark on this decking journey together.

Remember, with Mayfield, every plank carries a legacy, every design tells a story.

The Journey Beyond Installation

Once the last screw is tightened and the final plank laid, many think the journey ends. But for us at Mayfield, that’s just the beginning. We believe in forging lasting relationships, ensuring that the decks we design serve as the heart of countless memories in the making.

Aftersales? We’ve Got You Covered

Mike always says, “A product’s worth is truly known when you see how its creators support it after the sale.” That’s why our aftersales service is unparalleled. Whether it’s maintenance tips, minor tweaks, or just a chat about how you’re enjoying your new deck, we’re just a call away.

Crafting Community, One Deck at a Time

Mayfield isn’t just about decks; it’s about the community of holiday park operators, guests, and the countless memories shared on our decks. We regularly host community events, where we not only discuss the latest in decking but also share stories, experiences, and yes, a good laugh.

The Future of Decking with Mayfield

With the world constantly evolving, so are we. We’re diving deep into sustainable practices, and innovative design techniques, and expanding our horizons even further. We want to ensure that every holiday park home in the UK has the opportunity to experience the magic of Mayfield.

We Want to Hear from You!

Whether it’s feedback, a design idea, or just a lovely anecdote about something that happened on your deck, we’re all ears. Our community is our strength, and your words drive our passion.

Wrapping Up

As the sun sets on another day, imagine your guests lounging on a deck that not only looks stunning but has a legacy of over 30 years behind it. That’s the Mayfield promise. From Mike and Debbie’s humble beginnings to becoming a nationwide supplier and now part of the Epwin Group, our journey has been incredible, all thanks to operators like you.

So, if you’re dreaming of that perfect addition to your holiday, think Mayfield Decking. Together, let’s craft stories, one deck at a time.

Here’s to the next chapter, and the many decks we’ll build together.


The Mayfield Decking Family



Q: What is Mayfield Decking all about?

A: Mayfield Decking is a prominent supplier of decking and sundeck accessories for holiday park homes across the UK, with a legacy spanning over 30 years. Their focus is on enhancing the holiday park experience through high-quality decking solutions.

Q: What makes Mayfield Decking unique?

A: Mayfield Decking stands out by infusing every design and plank with a story and legacy. They offer a personalised approach, transforming simple decking into a reflection of their passion and dedication to the industry.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing Mayfield Decking?

A: Mayfield Decking’s over 30 years of experience speaks volumes about their commitment, innovation, and reputation. Their use of eco-friendly recyclable uPVC materials and diverse design options showcase their quality and dedication to excellence.

Q: What is the Mayfield Decking process?

A: Mayfield Decking’s process is seamless. They begin by designing decking to suit your preferences, then move on to manufacturing using environmentally friendly materials. They ensure timely delivery and meticulous installation, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Q: What do customers have to say about Mayfield Decking?

A: Customers have praised Mayfield Decking’s excellent customer service and quality products. Testimonials emphasise the thorough job from start to finish and recommend Mayfield Decking for those considering decking for their holiday park.

Q: How does Mayfield Decking go beyond installation?

A: Mayfield Decking believes installation is just the start of a lasting relationship. They provide ongoing support through their aftersales service, offering maintenance tips, minor adjustments, and a platform for sharing experiences and feedback.

Q: How does Mayfield Decking contribute to the community?

A: Mayfield Decking fosters community by hosting regular events that bring together holiday park operators, guests, and decking enthusiasts. These events provide a platform for discussing trends, sharing stories, and building connections.

Q: What’s the future of Mayfield Decking?

A: Mayfield Decking is committed to sustainability and innovation. They continue to evolve by adopting sustainable practices and innovative design techniques. Their goal is to ensure that all holiday park homes in the UK can benefit from their quality and expertise.