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Legacy modular Aluminium Subframe systems

Mayfield are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Legacy Aluminium Subframes range. Designed and manufactured to our own specification, this modular system has been developed to replace timber subframes and supporting structures in our legendary sundecks making them timber-free.

So why move away from timber?

The answer is simple. Mass deforestation has a major impact on our planet causing irreparable damage both to climate change and the surrounding forest. For every tree that is cut down, a further 20 surrounding trees can be damaged. When hearing these statistics, it’s obvious that things need to change. Mayfield is committed to reducing our impact on our planet by substantially reducing its timber usage and setting new industry standards.

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Benefits of Aluminium Subframes

Aluminium Subframes

We chose aluminium largely due to its environmental credentials and that it is one of the most abundant elements on Earth. Apart from already being made from recycled aluminium which uses 95% less energy than virgin material, it can be recycled infinitely. In fact, nearly 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still in circulation.

Even transporting the frames have benefits as they increase fuel efficiency from decreasing weight load. This further has a positive effect on the environment as we are lowering emissions.

Careful considerations were taken when designing the bracketry that joins the subframes together allowing effective dismantling and rebuilding of the frames when moving from one home to another.

Mayfield takes safety seriously and one of the challenges we faced when looking at alternative materials was fire resistance. While the product had to be a sustainable alternative to timber, it was important that the materials had to have excellent fire-resistant credentials. This ruled out composite materials early on as they have poor if any, fire ratings.

Our Aluminium subframes are completely fireproof and in combination with Mayfield’s Hampton decking, they have a system that is Class ‘ZERO’ fire rated. They also offer adjustable metal pedestals that cleverly integrate into the subframe profile for the domestic and commercial markets. Both are industry firsts.

Aluminium is both strong and lightweight meeting British standards BS6399 structural load testing. It is easier for installers to handle and manoeuvre. Even large projects such as multi-level decks on a park are easy to manage due to its weight.

Aluminium is impervious to moisture, insect, and fungal attack that other materials suffer from which greatly reduces their lifespan.
Aluminium Oxide and Bauxite (the two main raw materials that make aluminium) do not contain any iron particles (the main raw material in steel) which when exposed to oxygen and moisture rust. This provides excellent defence against the weather especially if located near to the coast.
Combining our weatherproof decking with our aluminium subframes will give you a deck that’s built to last and ultra-low to maintain.

Finding A Sustainable Decking Material

Having an idea is one thing but finding a solution to a problem is another. We looked into several materials to deliver our promise including composite timber and galvanised steel. After extensive material research, aluminium became a clear choice due to its sustainability, availability, and cost. A great deal of thought went into the design of the profile for the subframes. When the design was completed, it was sent off to be structurally tested through simulation software.

The target was to meet British Standards BS6399. Passing with flying colours, the decision was taken to start production and after inspection of the first few samples, we knew we had made the right choice and were on track to achieving our goal of reducing timber usage and lessening our environmental impact.

Mike Jarmey, Managing Director says…

Seeing the aluminium subframes in-situ for the first time: is a bit of a work of art, to be honest. When you see it before it’s decked it’s almost too good to be covered over in boards. It just looks fantastic!

Our Last Words…

We are certain that aluminium subframes will become the industry standard for modern decking substructures in the same way plastic decking replaced timber when Mayfield first introduced them over 33 years ago.

We haven’t forgotten about the trees either. Working with our global partner more:trees, we are planting three new trees for every aluminium deck fitted ensuring we leave a lasting legacy.

To find out more about aluminium decking subframes, or to get a quote for your next project get in touch with the Mayfield team on 01202 233959 or email us.

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