Premium Sundecks from Hampton Decking

The Hampton Decking Range is our premium product and offers high quality Sundeck options that incorporate the very latest in decking technology including ClearView balustrades, multi-level Sundecks and bespoke step systems.

Available in a range of six colours:

  • Coconut Brown
  • Cornish Cream
  • Dolphin Grey
  • Seamist Green
  • Brownsea Brown
  • Kimmeridge Bay Grey

The Hampton Range is further enhanced with its unique integrated LED handrail which cleverly conceals a waterproof LED strip to the underside of the top handrail. This innovative design allows the LED strip lighting to be added during the installation of your Sundeck or retro fitted at a later date. Colours can be changed using the remote control to suit your ambience.

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What’s your Hampton Decking style?

The Hampton Range is available in six colours, each designed to complement your property. Will you choose Seamist Green? Dolphin Grey? Coconut Brown?

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Dolphin Grey

421948 250x250 1

Brownsea Brown

1.64 3 250x250 1

Seamist Green

422446 250x250 1

Coconut Brown

422254 250x250 1

Kimmerage Grey

422152 1 250x250 1

Cornish Cream

Choose the right uPVC decking for you

100 x 50 Timber Subframes  
150 x 50 Timber Subframes
Hampton Decking
Focus Decking   ✓ 
Full Length Timber Reinforcing in Posts
LED Compatible Top Handrail
Windsor Post Cap
Windsor Collar
Flat Post Cap  
Colonial Balustrade Options
Victorian Balustrade Options
ClearView Glass Options ✓   
Optional Handrail Heights
Mayfield Slabs
Custom Sundeck Design
12 Year Colourfast Warranty
3 Year Colourfast Warranty