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Top Decking Accessories to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

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When it comes to a new decking, creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space all comes down to the decking accessories. The accessories you select can significantly enhance the look, feel, and usability of your decking area. Whether you’re revamping your garden, terrace, or holiday home, incorporating top decking accessories is key to achieving an inviting outdoor environment. This article will explore essential accessories that can transform your outdoor decking into a versatile and stylish extension of your home.

Improve Your Deck with Lighting

Decking lighting is one of the most impactful ways to elevate your outdoor space. Not only does it extend the usability of your deck into the evening, but it also adds ambiance and safety. Consider integrating LED deck lights for a low-energy, high-impact solution. These can be fitted into the decking boards themselves or used to highlight steps, balustrades, and other features.

Adding Comfort with Furniture

The right furniture can turn your decking into a comfortable outdoor living room. When selecting furniture, consider durable materials designed for outdoor use, such as rattan, metal, or treated wood. Modular sofas, dining sets, and loungers are perfect for relaxing and entertaining, making your decking the ultimate outdoor retreat.

Privacy and Protection with Balustrades and Screens

For those looking to add a layer of privacy or protection to their decking area, balustrades and screens are a must. Not only do they provide safety for elevated decks, but they also offer seclusion from neighbours and elements. uPVC options are durable, low maintenance, and available in various styles to complement your decking and landscape.

Planters and Greenery

Incorporating planters and greenery can breathe life into your decking area, creating a natural oasis. Use a mix of planters for flexibility or install permanent raised beds for a more structured look. Select plants that match your garden’s style and climate, and consider perennial shrubs for year-round greenery.

The Utility of Gates and Skirting

Adding gates to your decking can enhance security and define your outdoor space’s boundary. Skirting, on the other hand, conceals the underside of your deck, providing a polished look and preventing unwanted critters from taking up residence. Both accessories can be matched to your decking for a cohesive design.

Mayfield Decking: Outdoor Transformation

At Mayfield Decking, we understand the importance of creating a harmonious and functional outdoor space. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we specialise in uPVC decking and a wide range of accessories, including bespoke design options to suit any requirement. Our products, made from 100% recyclable materials, are not only sustainable but also weather and stain-resistant, ensuring your decking remains beautiful for years to come.


Improving your outdoor space with top decking accessories is about creating an environment that reflects your style and meets your functional needs. From lighting and furniture to balustrades and planters, the right accessories can transform your decking into a cherished part of your home. With Mayfield Decking’s expertise and range of high-quality products, achieving your dream outdoor space has never been easier. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor decking with premium accessories, explore our extensive range and discover how we can help bring your vision to life. Get in touch today and take the first step towards creating an outdoor space you’ll love.


Q: What types of decking accessories can enhance the functionality and appearance of my deck?

A: Choose accessories that match your deck’s style and needs, like railings for safety, planter boxes for greenery, and benches for seating.

Q: What should I consider when selecting supplies for building a deck?

A: Focus on quality materials resistant to weather and wear, such as uPVC decking.

Q: How can deck lighting kits improve my outdoor decking area?

A: Lighting can enhance your deck’s ambiance, provide safety by illuminating steps and edges, and extend the time you can enjoy outdoors.