Our Work

Our Work

Mayfield Decking and Accessories

View a selection of our latest decking options, balustrades, lighting, steps, gates, skirting and ramps plus bespoke designs.

Fully Qualified Installers

Watch one of our skilled Fitting Crews complete another Mayfield sundeck installation – from start to finish!

Quality Guaranteed

The Hampton Range is our premium product and offers high quality Sundeck options that incorporate the very latest in decking technology including ClearView balustrades, multi-level Sundecks and bespoke step systems.

Fully Tested & Certified To BS Standards

Our products are not just built to an industry standard. They are built, fully tested and certified to British Standards including BS5395 stairs and walkways code of practice and are UL94-VO fire rated.

Low Maintenance

Our sundecks require the minimum of maintenance as they are made from high performance external grade materials.

Weather Resistant

British Standard BS EN607 10 year colourfast weather tested, our uPVC products will not warp, splinter or crack. Our C16 strength graded treated timber will not rot and will resist insect and fungal attack.

Slip and Stain Resistant

Our sundecks are British Standard BS7976-2 with textured and embossed surfaces to ensure slip resistance. The materials used to make our sundecks are non-porous, making them resistant to most food and beverage staining.

Low Noise

Our decking planks are individually installed onto timber sub-frames using our unique decking clips. This prevents the planks rubbing together and squeaking, whilst also preventing the growth of algae between the planks.

Very Durable

Made using high-impact modifiers, the products used in the construction of our sundecks have been tested to British Standard physical load test BS6399-PT1