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Decking Cleaning Products

At Mayfield as well as offering high-quality decking fitting, we provide decking after-care Decking Cleaning Products and accessories. Our range of Decking Cleaning Products, treatments and mats will ensure your decking stays clean and safe.

Decking Aftercare Advice

Once your decking has been installed, very little decking maintenance is required to keep it looking in ‘tip top’ condition for years to come. Besides offering a solid 10-year product warranty, Mayfield also offers good advice on how you can take care of your sundeck after installation. We have all the products and decking aftercare you would need to keep up with your decking maintenance. On top of our decking aftercare, Mayfield offer a range of decking accessories to complete your static caravan or holiday home. While composite decking is low maintenance, it is important to regularly clean your decking to combat the effects of regular use and weathering. Here at Mayfield, we offer high-quality decking aftercare and cleaning products to ensure you make the most of your uPVC decking. You can also check out our blog to find the best cleaning products for your composite decking.
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Sundeck Balustrades Maintenance

Clean balustrades using our Wash Bomb Cleaner – Follow application instructions on the sachets for best results. We recommend cleaning your balustrades a minimum of every three months to maintain standard protection from the elements.

Sundeck Decking Maintenance

For decking cleaner, we suggest the best decking treatment to use is the Wash Bomb Cleaner. Follow application instructions on the sachet. For best results we recommend using a jet wash with a diluted solution of our Washbomb formula. It is recommended to use your decking cleaner every six months to maintain standard protection from the elements.