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Tips for renting out your holiday lodge


It’s the ‘Summer of the Staycation!’ Have you considered renting out your holiday lodge? Here are some top tips to help you rent out your static caravan or holiday home.

As we continue to ease out of lockdown and the UK population continue to travel around the country, there is plenty of opportunity for holiday home owners to make some money renting out their abodes. You can find more reasons to rent out your holiday lodge in our recent blog! And if that has left you feeling inspired, here are some top tips you should know before renting out your static caravan or holiday lodge.

Get some great photos of your home

Let your pictures do the talking. Take some brilliant photos of your holiday home to really entice guests to book a weekend away. Don’t be afraid to dress the place up a little, but make sure you are giving a fair representation of your home! You could even film a video tour to really show off the best parts of your holiday home.

Think Outdoor Living

This summer (and probably next summer), lots of the UK sunseekers will be travelling to other areas of the country to enjoy short breaks. While a gorgeous kitchen and living room would entice visitors to book, you should make sure that your outdoor living areas are even better. After all, your guests probably want to spend as much time outdoors as possible!

We are experts in creating unique outdoor living areas for holiday lodges and static caravans. Maximise the value of your holiday home with a bespoke uPVC sundeck from Mayfield. We can also offer uPVC decking accessories including LED Lighting and ClearView Balustrades. More recently, we have been working on some gorgeous Canopies for Caravan Decking. Take a look at our latest brochure or get in touch for more information.

Add features that will increase value

Adding a hot tub will add value and appeal to your holiday lodge and might be the deciding factor for prospective guests. Our teams around the UK have been busy installing Hot Tubs this summer. But don’t forget that even the smaller touches can make a real difference. Go out of your way to make sure your guests are comfortable in your static caravan. We would recommend adding a few home comforts, maybe a fan to plug in if gets really hot or some board games for the family to enjoy if the rain comes.

Use your local knowledge

If you are letting your own holiday home out, you have a unique advantage over a holiday company. You will have a more intimate knowledge of the local area, the really good places to eat, fun things for the kids to do and those local hidden gems. Why not put a small welcome pack together for your guests to help them get acquainted with the area. Not only will this help your marketing efforts, but it will create a great first impression!

Speak to your park operator

Most parks offer a service to help you rent out your holiday home and can organise bookings and cleaning for you to ensure that the home is always well maintained. All parks will charge some commission for this and it is best to check this with them first, the balance can then be offset against your site fees and other expenses or paid to you at the end of the season. All parks work differently so please check with your park operator to discuss the best solution for you.

Consider an Agency

If you don’t want to be so involved in renting out your static caravan, you could contact an agency to do the hard work for you. You should also consider using an agency to maximise bookings for your holiday home, you could benefit from their exposure, reputation and experience in holiday lets. If you would rather keep all the profit to yourself, there are many sites that exist to help you let out your holiday lodge for short periods, including AirBnB, and HundredRooms.

The opportunity is certainly there. AirBnb reported more domestic bookings in the three days following Boris Johnson’s announcement that the travel restrictions were lifted than they had in the entire of April 2020!

Get advice

It’s not quite as easy as inviting people to stay in your home and taking a payment. Before you begin letting your holiday lodge, static caravan or home, you should speak to local experts, financial advisers and legal professionals to be informed about your new business. You need to consider all legal, financial and planning matters, for instance, what sort of insurance will you need and will you be taxed on earnings? You should have all risk assessments, contracts and other important paperwork in place before renting out your holiday home.

Tips for renting out your Static Caravan

Renting out your holiday lodge or static caravan is a easy and effective way to earn some money while your holiday home is not being used. It is a great reason to do up your holiday home and add some value to the property. Best of all, you can enjoy the new and improved lodge whenever you would like!

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Q: How can I entice guests to book my holiday lodge when renting it out?

A: To entice guests, ensure you have great photos of your holiday home that showcase its best features. You can even consider creating a video tour to showcase the property effectively.

Q: Why is focusing on outdoor living areas important when renting out a holiday lodge?

A: With many UK travelers seeking outdoor experiences, enhancing outdoor living areas can attract more bookings. Consider investing in a bespoke uPVC sundeck, decking accessories like LED lighting, ClearView Balustrades, or even a hot tub to increase the property’s appeal.

Q: What are some additional features that can increase the value of a holiday lodge rental?

A: Adding a hot tub can significantly increase the value and appeal of the holiday lodge. Additionally, providing home comforts like fans, board games, and other amenities can make guests feel more comfortable and satisfied during their stay.

Q: How can I leverage my local knowledge to enhance the rental experience?

A: As a holiday home owner, you have an advantage with your intimate knowledge of the local area. You can create a welcome pack for guests, highlighting the best local attractions, dining options, and hidden gems to improve their experience.

Q: What options do I have for managing bookings and maintenance of my holiday lodge?

A: You can speak to your park operator, as they often offer services to help manage bookings and cleaning, ensuring the holiday home is well-maintained. Some parks charge a commission for this service, which can be offset against site fees or other expenses.

Q: If I prefer less involvement, what alternatives are available for renting out my holiday lodge?

A: You can consider using an agency to handle the rental process on your behalf. They can maximise bookings and provide exposure, reputation, and experience in the holiday let market. Airbnb and HundredRooms are popular platforms for short-term rentals.

Q: What should I do before renting out my holiday lodge?

A: Before renting out your holiday lodge, it’s essential to seek advice from local experts, financial advisers, and legal professionals. Ensure you have all necessary risk assessments, contracts, insurance, and other paperwork in place to comply with legal and financial requirements.

Q: What benefits can I expect from renting out my holiday lodge or static caravan?

A: Renting out your holiday lodge can be a lucrative way to earn money when you’re not using the property. It also offers the opportunity to upgrade and add value to the lodge, while still allowing you to enjoy it whenever you wish.

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