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Creative Decking Ideas For Your Holiday Home

Creative Decking Ideas

It’s no secret that our decking can open up new space for your home while transforming your outdoor areas. A sundeck can be placed virtually anywhere (including sloping terrain) and can truly modernise your holiday home. In this blog, we have listed a few creative decking ideas to inspire your next renovation project. 

Elevated Modern Sundecks

When it comes to decking, Mayfield specialise in finding a way around any accessibility issues. We can add steps, slopes, rails and gates to your decking

In fact, the whole company was founded on the idea that holiday homes lacked decent accessibility features. Our expert team can add steps to balconies or to a second elevated deck to help you make the most of your space.

Add a Hot Tub 

One of our more popular jobs, we can install a hot tub platform to help you enjoy outdoor living to the fullest! Mayfield has the largest range of sundeck hot tubs in the UK and can offer a cost-effective or luxury hot tub for your modern sundecks. Features available include volcano jets, LED lit pillow falls, MP3 jacks and deluxe covers.

Install Modern Lighting 

Our revolutionary Integrated LED lights can help your decking appear more modern, while also allowing you to enjoy your decking as the sun goes down. The LEDs are cleverly hidden in our handrails to create a relaxing ambience. This modern decking lighting is also energy-efficient and waterproof! 

Upgrade to ClearView Balustrades

We provide a wide range of balustrades to give your decking a professional finish. Our ClearView decking balustrades are perfect if you are looking to create a modern sundeck. If your holiday homes boasts spectacular views you won’t be blocking it out with our ClearView balustrades. We think these go perfectly with the LED handrails too!

Share your creative decking ideas with us 

While we closely with park operators and holiday home owners, Mayfield has also taken on some exciting residential projects across the UK. Whether you are looking to improve the front of your house with beautiful steps and skirting or to add a private sundeck to a quiet corner of your garden, we can help! Check out our new programme DeckMe and get designing your dream decking!

At Mayfield, we are celebrating 30 years of creating and installing accessible and modern sundecks for our customers. Bring your modern decking ideas to us – the team would be happy to hear from you to see if we can help! 


What are some creative decking design ideas?

Consider multi-level decks to define different areas for dining and relaxation.

What decking works well in UK gardens?

Durable, weather-resistant materials like uPVC decking are ideal due to the UK’s wet climate.

How can I make the most of a small garden with decking?

Light-colored decking materials can make the area appear larger, and clear railings or balustrades can help maintain an open feel.

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