Mayfield and the environment

The Mayfield Group pride ourselves on our sustainable approach to decking. From manufacturing to installation and aftercare, our team works tirelessly to reduce the impact every Mayfield deck has on the environment.

We chose to use recycled materials in our products as a conscious measure to reduce the impact The Mayfield Group has on the environment. By doing so, we are helping to reduce the amount of new plastics being made, which in turn reduces the harmful disruption and damage being done to the natural world.

Our commitment to a better planet doesn’t stop there. The Mayfield Group are continuously looking for new innovations that can push the industry towards a more sustainability-driven future. We work closely with suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint and are looking for ways to reduce our timber usage. Our most recent product, aluminium decking sub-frames, offers an alternative to timber without tarnishing the quality or look of your deck. A Mayfield deck is a step towards a cleaner planet.


Our materials are made from up to 80% recycled raw materials during the manufacturing process. Using recycled materials does not affect the quality in anyway and they carry the same structural benefits as virgin materials. We use recycled materials in our products as a conscious measure to improve our environment as we value the world we live in. Using recycled materials means that we are helping to reduce new plastics being made which in turn reduces the harmful disruption and damage being done to the natural world. Recycling also keeps waste out of the environment and out of our oceans which is definitely a good thing. We could argue that we are also helping to reduce climate change as using recycled materials uses less energy on sourcing virgin materials and thus lowering carbon emissions.

The recycled materials we use are widely available through our trusted supply chain so there is little chance of them running out. The materials used to make our products are also 100% recyclable and any offcuts from installations are reprocessed back into raw materials which are then reintroduced back in to the manufacturing stream to make further products.


We use FSC timber to form the substructures on our decks as it is a sustainable material sourced from well-managed forests. Using timber in construction locks away carbon for long periods. (It has been calculated that a typical 3-bedroom semi-detached timber frame house, using about 6m3 of timber and wood-based products, stores about 1.2 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to over 4 tonnes
of atmospheric CO2). And even when wood is eventually recycled, it releases its carbon back into the atmosphere within a relatively short time. Therefore timber, being relatively newly grown and then returned directly to nature, is in effect carbon neutral.

Aluminium Sub-Frames

While the timber that we use is sustainably sourced, we are making an active effort to reduce the amount of timber used in Mayfield decks.

Our latest development, Aluminium Deck Sub-frames, has a longer lifespan than its timber alternative and doesn’t affect the overall quality of the finish. The material is strong, dependable and is helping to reduce our impact on the environment.


Please consider our environmental statement when purchasing your Sundeck. Above and beyond price we all have a responsibility for the health of our planet. When purchasing a Mayfield Sundeck you can be assured that you will be investing in a great product that has the very best in ‘Green’ credentials.

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