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Why you need uPVC anti slip decking


The perfect decking can add the finishing touch to compliment your holiday home, but finding the best decking for you can be difficult. A common problem with decking is it becomes dangerously slippery when it gets wet. Traditional wooden decks also hold mud and weeds that further add to the slippery issue. Anti slip decking can reduce all of these dangers and make your static home look stylish whilst keeping you safe whatever the weather.

Easy and long lasting maintenance

The majority of uPVC anti slip decking requires little maintenance. As the boards are using uPVC instead of wood, it ensures your decking is long lasting and strong. The composite boards have little space between the grooves. This leaves less chance of expansion in cold weather. The small grooves also prevent dirt and algae growth, making your experience with anti slip decking boards cleaner and safer.

Quick drying

Our uPVC decking contains a moisture resistant formula, helping your decking stay dryer during short showers and dry quickly when wet. Due to the quick drying feature, you can be back on your decking in no time without the risk of slipping. Our Hampton decking does not damage against pressure washers like other uPVC decking which makes it easy to maintain without damaging your deck.

How to have anti slip decking

There is a range of different decking boards available so you can get the best boards for your needs in the price range you require. If you are looking for a low-cost alternative for your decking, there are products that can help turn your decking anti slip. This can be from a protective paint coat you can put on your decking boards to a protective mat that you can lay out when it gets wet. This could be over the winter period or just when you go in the hot tub.

Hamptons uPVC anti slip decking

Hampton uPVC Decking board have passed the slip resistant rating. The British Standard Accreditations (details upon request) shows how safe your decking boards are. These details show Hampton’s anti slip decking is a much safer option to traditional wood decking boards.

Anti slip decking mats

Anti slip decking mats are the perfect option for those who want the extra protection. Perfect for covering floors that may become slippery and wet often. This could be due to having a hot tub on the deck or can just be for winter months.

Installing Anti Slip Decking

Mayfield only work with decking products made from 99% recycled uPVC. With 30 years experience, we offer decking products to suit everyone’s needs. Mayfield have the perfect anti slip decking for your static caravan to ensures easy maintenance and non slip decking. To find out more about how we can transform your holiday home, contact us or call us on 01202 233959


What are the best anti-slip decking solutions available?

The best anti-slip decking solutions incorporate materials that offer both safety and durability. Outdoor non-slip decking mats are a great solution, which we offer.

Why choose UPVC for anti-slip decking?

Choosing UPVC for anti-slip decking brings numerous advantages, especially in terms of safety and maintenance. UPVC decking is designed with a textured finish that enhances grip underfoot, reducing the risk of slips and falls. This material is also resistant to rot, mildew, and fading, ensuring that its anti-slip properties last throughout its lifespan without the need for constant maintenance.

How does anti-slip decking work and what are its benefits?

Anti-slip decking works by incorporating a textured or coated surface that provides traction even when the deck is wet. This is crucial for preventing accidents, particularly in wet climates.

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