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Where will electric vehicles charge on parks?

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Have you ever considered electric transport?

With the rise in technological advances and brands like Tesla comes increased interest towards electric cars. There are many benefits of owning and running an electric car but a common question asked is ‘where do i charge it?’ & ‘how can i guarantee a charging point on my journey?’. Apps have been created which tell you where the closest charging point is as well as all the charging stations situated in the united kingdom; but what about holiday parks? let’s take a look.

Experts in industry 

Martin Georgeson, Sales Director of Rolec Services, the award-winning company widely recognised as one of Europe’s leading EV charging point installers, says that an increasing numbers of caravan parks across the UK are installing Rolec EV charging points as an added feature for their visitors and staff to keep pace with the trends of modern day motoring.  We are aware of a number of disgruntled visitors to other leisure parks around the country who have been airing their disappointment at the lack of EV charging points on EV internet forums, highlighting the fact that demand is out there.”

Rolec is the benchmark brand for any caravan park requiring EV chargers and have so far manufactured over 95,000 EV charging points! They also supply some big brands such as Tesco, Boots, McDonald’s, Hilton Hotels, Heathrow Airport and many more.

What are you thoughts on electric transport?

We could be seeing more electric cars on the road in the near future and with large EV charger installation companies already making moves to satisfy the demand, we could see holiday parks adopting these charging points nationwide. How do you feel about more charging points being installed? do you think you will be charged to ‘charge’ your electric vehicle?


The main benefits of an electric vehicle is of course the sustainability and green footprint it leaves on the world. People are genuinely worried for future generations and we need to start getting savvy with manufacturing processes,  power sustainability and recycled materials to fulfill our environmental responsibility.

Mayfield’s contribution

We are always developing new ways to contribute towards the environment. Hampton Decking (a brand owned by Mayfield) have ensured that all decking products are manufactured from recycled materials and are also 100% recyclable, this minimizes the production of new plastics and saves production costs, resources and the creation of new materials. The board of directors are also keen cyclists which helps (when its not raining!)

We have been supplying and installing sundecks and decking to the UK’s largest holiday parks for 30 years. If you are a holiday home owner who is looking to transform your holiday home then give us a call to be connected with one of our friendly sales representatives on 01202 233 959. We tailor decks to your home leaving a flawless finish. All decks are fully custom, you can choose from a range or colours and finishes to best compliment your home.

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