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Top reasons to rent out your holiday lodge

Reasons to rent out your holiday lodge or static caravan

In late June, when Boris Johnson announced that UK travel restrictions were being lifted, it was reported that one UK staycation was booked every 11 seconds in the UK. With that in mind, here are some of the best reasons to rent out your holiday lodge.

Domestic travel is going to continue to grow this summer and possibly into next summer. Over the years, we have been lucky enough to visit some of the most beautiful parks in the country and we are certainly not short of natural beauty and great things to do in the UK. As we continue to ease out of lockdown, there is a great opportunity for holiday home owners to rent out their homes and earn some extra income. Feeling inspired? Check out our latest blog with top tips for renting out your static caravan.

Earn money on your empty property

If you are not spending every weekend at your static caravan, you should definitely consider renting out your home for visitors. This is a quick and easy way to earn some extra income and you’ll still be able to visit whenever you wish!

It’s the Summer of the Staycation!

Staycations are on the rise as more of the population look to escape their home offices for a weekend break. The signs are all there:

  • Consumers are worried about the financial futures of travel companies, but also worried about their own bank balances, opting for short breaks over long or expensive holidays.
  • UK holidays are a financially-safer option for most, but also domestic visitors would not need to worry about local health advice and medical practice differing.
  • People are worried about how travel might impact the environment more than ever – 30% of 25-49 year-olds would swap a holiday abroad for one in the UK to reduce their impact on the environment (YouGov).

A new opportunity to work from your (holiday) home

One of the benefits of this new way of life is the flexibility that many workers have been given. Working from home is now the norm and we think there could be an opportunity to promote your holiday lodge. Invite visitors to swap their home office for a holiday home and to upgrade their video call background!

An excuse to do up your holiday lodge

The key to renting out a holiday lodge is to create the best home ever! Work with Mayfield to create a gorgeous outdoor living area for your holiday home visitors, from bespoke decking to luxury accessories, we do it all! Find out more information about our quality sundecks in our latest brochure.

Reasons to rent out your Static Caravan

If you have been considering renting out your static caravan, we really believe that now is the time to do it! It will be an easy and effective way to earn some money (and a great excuse to upgrade your holiday home!). For more information about renting out your holiday home, take a look at our blog with the top tips for renting out your holiday lodge.

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Information used in the blog post has been adapted from Schofield’s Staycation 2020 Report.



Q: How can holiday home owners earn extra income from their static caravans?

A: Holiday home owners can rent out their static caravans to visitors when they are not using them, providing a quick and easy way to earn extra income while still having the flexibility to visit whenever they wish.

Q: Why is this summer referred to as the “Summer of the Staycation”?

A: The “Summer of the Staycation” is characterised by the rise in staycations as people seek short breaks closer to home due to financial concerns, uncertainties about travel companies, local health advice, and environmental considerations.

Q: How can holiday lodge owners leverage the new trend of remote work to their advantage?

A: With the growing trend of remote work, holiday lodge owners can promote their properties as an opportunity for visitors to swap their home office for a holiday home, allowing them to work remotely in a different and refreshing environment.

Q: How can upgrading the holiday lodge enhance its appeal for potential renters?

A: Upgrading the holiday lodge with features like bespoke decking and luxury accessories can create an attractive and desirable home for potential renters, making it more appealing and increasing the likelihood of bookings.

Q: What benefits can renting out a static caravan or holiday lodge offer?

A: Renting out a static caravan or holiday lodge can be an easy and effective way to earn extra income. It also provides a great opportunity to upgrade the holiday home and create an inviting space for visitors.

Q: How can Mayfield assist in creating a gorgeous outdoor living area for holiday home visitors?

A: Mayfield can help holiday home owners create a bespoke outdoor living area for their visitors with high-quality sundecks and luxury accessories. More information can be found in their latest brochure.

Q: Why is now a good time to consider renting out a static caravan?

A: Now is an opportune time to consider renting out a static caravan due to the growing popularity of staycations, making it easier to attract potential renters and earn some extra income.

Q: Where can holiday home owners find more information and tips about renting out their holiday lodges?

A: Mayfield’s blog offers top tips for renting out holiday lodges, providing valuable information and insights to help holiday home owners make the most of this opportunity.

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