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The Best Type of Decking for Static Caravans

The best type of decking for static caravans

Adding decking to your static caravan can transform the overall look of your holiday home. It adds more space for relaxing, an area for dining or a playground for children to play outside. There are so many opportunities when designing your decking and finding the best choice for you can be difficult. One of the most important choices is what decking boards you choose. This can be decided by your budget, or your requirements. It is important that you find the best type of decking for your static caravan and your needs.

Why choose wood decking boards?

Wood is the most common decking due to its diversability and affordability. Many people choose wood decking to be the best type of decking for them because of its availability. The traditional decking is available in a range of different dimensions and colours, giving you more variety to build exactly what you want for your decking. With the huge range of timber available, there is a variety of prices to fit any budget.

The drawback to wood decking is the amount of maintenance required. Wood decking generally needs wood preservative and wood staining regularly. Without this maintenance, water can seep into the wood, causing rotting, splintering and decay. Another common factor of timber decking are the boards getting slippery when wet. This can easily fixed with decking mats, but hides your traditional wood decking.

Why choose composite decking boards?

Composite decking has become a strong alternative to wood decking. Many people choose composite decking as the best type of decking for them due to its easy maintenance and long lasting durability. Unlike timber decking, composite does not lose its colour when it weathers and still replicates the look and feel of traditional wood. Due to its combination of wood and plastic, the decking boards do not splinter and are completely recyclable, making it environmentally friendly.

Although composite decking allows for an easy maintenance holiday home, the decking can usually become more more expensive than timber decking, depending on the type of wood you choose. Many people don’t like the look of composite decking. Even though many companies try to match the look of traditional timber decking, some deckings have a plasticy, shiny look that many people don’t like.

Why choose uPVC decking boards?

Proven to offer excellent performance, uPVC gives you modern decking with virtually no maintenance. This low cost material, made entirely out of plastic, gives a stylish and luxury look to your static caravan whilst sticking to a budget. Lightweight and durable, uPVC decking does not absorb any water to guarantee long lasting decking with no rotting or decay.

Although uPVC decking is easily recyclable and can easily be repurposed, some people prefer the look of timber decking for their holiday homes. The installation process for uPVC can also be more difficult when compared to wood. As it is not as flexible, it can require special tools to bend the decking boards. This would mean getting an installer to fit or remove your uPVC decking.

Why add decking to your static caravan?

Adding decking to your holiday home can improve the value of your holiday home and offer more space to your static caravan area. As well as the extra luxury of added space, adding decking to your home can help to even out the surface. With many varieties of decking to choose from, everyone will have a different opinion on the best decking for them. For those who prefer the traditional decking and do not mind the extra upkeep, wood decking is the perfect option. For those who do not have the time or do not visit their holiday home often, an easy maintenance uPVC decking would be the better option.

Mayfield’s Caravan Decking

Mayfield have a range of uPVC decking boards to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. With two different uPVC decking types, premium decking boards and cost conscious decking, we can find the best deck for your budget. Our huge range of decking colours means you can find the perfect deck to match your holiday home.

We offer a huge range of accessories for your decking with the reassurance that everything will match in colour and style. This means add-ons such as balustrades and skirting are guaranteed to match your decking boards. To find out more about how Mayfield can transform your holiday home, contact us or call us on 01202 233959.


What is the best decking material available in the UK?

In the UK, the best decking material often balances durability, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. UPVC decking emerges as a top choice due to its longevity and minimal upkeep requirements. Unlike traditional wood, UPVC decking does not rot, warp, or require frequent staining.

What is the best type of composite decking?

The best type of composite decking is typically one that offers superior durability and low maintenance. uPVC composite decking stands out as it combines the strength of plastic with the look of natural wood. It resists fading, staining, and scratching better than many other composite materials.

Which decking is best for long-term value?

For long-term value, UPVC decking is an excellent choice. It not only mimics the aesthetics of natural wood but also adds exceptional durability and resistance to mould, mildew, and weathering. This type of decking also requires very little maintenance over its lifespan.

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