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Skirting and The Benefits of Skirting for Decking

skirting for static caravans

When designing and planning your deck, skirting is a key feature which many people forget to consider. There are 2 key types of deck skirting, and choosing which is best for you is an important stage in deck design. Both skirting options are functional and add both style and value to your home.

Features of Mayfield fully enclosed skirting:

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Flip up top trim and slide out panels to allow easy access
  • Fire retardant and self-extinguishing
  • Range of three colours with many design options
  • Fits with all makes and models of static caravans and lodges

uPVC decking skirting adds more than aesthetics and cosmetic finishing touches, it brings many benefits to your home.

Benefits of The Mayfield fully enclosed skirting:

  • Save £££s off your heating bill
  • Insulate your home and protect pipes and boilers from freezing
  • Add style and value to your deck
  • Prevent build up of debris under the deck

Fully enclosed skirting

The name of this skirting is a clue – fully enclosed skirting gives your deck full 360° protection and style. This skirting is durable, sturdy and easy to clean and maintain. The skirting gives a stylish finish and transforms the look of your pitch by filling the void between the home and ground, the underneath of the home is hidden from view and it also provides a more permanent look without the expense of brick work.

Access is available all round the home due to the unique tracking system suppled with this skirring ensuring your pipework, cabling and chassis are within easy reach, and the system is designed to be ‘user friendly’ . Our fully enclosed skirting boards also feature ventilation panels to allow air circulation and fully complies with HSE guidelines. Using these access points is simple – watch our tutorial here.

This skirting is available in a choice of three colours to complement your home: Cream, Tan and White. These colours sit alongside homes of any colour and accompany Hampton or Focus decking colours beautifully.

Mayfield Ranch skirting

Also known as post and rail skirting, this fixed PVC skirting system is secured to both the home and the ground, providing a sturdy finish for your deck. Ranch skirting is made from high quality PVC planks fixed to the chassis of the home and the ground, enclosing the base of your home. Our talented team of fitters are able to ensure your ranch skirting complements your home and fits the space beneath your home, even if it is on a hill.

This skirting option is available in white or cream. We also offer vinyl wrapping, which makes ranch skirting available in dark green, dark brown, golden oak and slate grey. Our talented team of deck designers are able to advise you on the best colour skirting to suit your deck and home. If you’d like some advice or ideas, call our team today on 01202 233959.

Our post and rail skirting is fitted with 2 access gates as standard, however more are available on request. Access gates are positioned near the mains services which allow you and the park maintenance team easy access to all services. Additional access gates are available on request.

Skirting for decking: the rundown

Overall, skirting is a great, cost-effective way to transform the look of your home as well as adding functionality. It has a huge impact on your deck’s aesthetics and our wide range of colour options can help you really lift the look of your decking and home. Skirting also adds value to your static caravan and can also help save you money in the long run by insulating your home and reducing your heating bills.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to discuss your skirting ideas.

Bespoke decking skirting from Mayfield

Our high quality decking, skirting, lighting and accessories provide everything you need to transform your static caravan with new outdoor space, style and features. We are able to fit a huge range of decking ideas and projects, whether it’s a small deck with an access ramp or a large double storey deck with a spiral staircase, we would love to work with you! We also have a huge range of decking accessories, including hot tubs, lighting and a range of glass balustrades to enhance any home.

If you have a creative idea or a specific requirement for your deck – our team would love to hear from you. Bespoke decking and accessories is our specialty and we love a challenge! Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out more.

All our decking is fitted by our dedicated, trained and above all professional teams of fitters, who are able to use their specialist knowledge and experience to secure your deck skirting in place. We have dedicated Mayfield Dealers across the UK, so you’re never far from your dream decking. Find your local approved supplier today or contact us directly to talk to our team.

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Q: Why is skirting an important feature to consider when designing a deck?

A: Skirting is an essential feature in deck design as it provides both style and functionality. It adds aesthetic value to the deck, enhances the look of the pitch, and fills the void between the home and the ground. Additionally, skirting brings various benefits, such as insulation, protection from freezing pipes and boilers, and preventing debris buildup under the deck.

Q: What are the features of Mayfield’s Fully Enclosed Skirting?

A: The features of Mayfield’s Fully Enclosed Skirting include low maintenance and easy cleaning, flip-up top trim and slide-out panels for easy access, fire retardant and self-extinguishing properties, a range of three colors with design options, and compatibility with all makes and models of static caravans and lodges.

Q: What are the benefits of the Mayfield Fully Enclosed Skirting?

A: The benefits of the Mayfield Fully Enclosed Skirting include cost savings on heating bills, insulation for the home and protection against freezing pipes, added style and value to the deck, and prevention of debris buildup under the deck.

Q: What is the difference between Fully Enclosed Skirting and Mayfield Ranch Skirting?

A: Fully Enclosed Skirting offers 360° protection and a stylish finish, hiding the underneath of the home from view. It provides access all around the home through a unique tracking system. Mayfield Ranch Skirting, also known as post and rail skirting, is secured to both the home and the ground, offering a sturdy finish for the deck. It encloses the base of the home and comes in a variety of color options.

Q: What colors are available for Fully Enclosed Skirting and Mayfield Ranch Skirting?

A: Fully Enclosed Skirting is available in Cream, Tan, and White, while Mayfield Ranch Skirting comes in White or Cream. Additionally, vinyl wrapping is available for the ranch skirting, offering Dark Green, Dark Brown, Golden Oak, and Slate Grey options.

Q: What is the purpose of access gates in the skirting?

A: Skirting with access gates allows easy access to mains services for both homeowners and park maintenance teams. These gates are positioned near the services to facilitate convenient access.

Q: How does skirting add value to a static caravan or holiday home?

A: Skirting not only enhances the aesthetics of the home and deck but also adds value by providing insulation and improving energy efficiency. It can lead to cost savings on heating bills in the long run.

Q: How can customers get a bespoke decking skirting solution from the Mayfield?

A: Mayfield offers high-quality decking, skirting, lighting, and accessories for transforming static caravans. Customers can discuss their skirting ideas and other decking projects with the Mayfield team, who can provide personalised advice and design options.

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