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Recycled vs. Recyclable: Why the days of non recyclable decking are numbered

Recyclable Decking

In 2020, plastic usage and pollution has been discussed heavily in the press and has become a global concern for consumers. The Mayfield Group are proud to have been ahead of the curve, we have been working to reduce our plastic wastage by “Pushing the Green” for years. We are leading the way in producing recyclable decking for a healthier planet.

Our deck boards are made from up to 80% recycled uPVC. We use recycled materials in our products as a conscious measure to improve our environment as we value the world that we live in. Using recycled materials means that we are helping to reduce the production of new plastics. Another reason we opt to recycle is to that sourcing materials uses less energy than sourcing and importing virgin materials. Using recycled materials does not affect the quality in any way and they carry the same structural benefits as virgin materials, so we believe that there is no reason to not be using recycled materials when creating decking. 

Using recycled materials is important and can be extremely beneficial to the environment – if these materials are used responsibly. By determining the materials used to make decking products we can establish if they can be successfully recycled. The good news is that many polymers that go to making decking products can be 100% recycled. The bad news is that when other materials (such as wood fibres, flour, dust) are introduced into the polymers to make composites these products are no longer recyclable and will likely end up on a landfill! 

The materials used to make our popular Hampton and Focus decking are up to 80% recycled and, most importantly, fully recyclable. While there are many suppliers that use more recycled materials in their decking, does it matter to the environment if these decking boards cannot be recycled? 

In 2018, BALI (British Architect Landscape Institute) reported there to be in excess of 100 companies supplying decking products, other than timber in the UK. These products are made by a range of materials including uPVCs, composites and WPCs. As the fore-founders of uPVC decking, The Mayfield Group want to lead by example and continue to develop new eco-friendly decking boards and accessories with careful consideration towards the environment. 

Recycled Decking


Recyclable Decking: The Mayfield Guarantee

When purchasing a sundeck from The Mayfield Group, our customers can be assured that they are investing in top quality, eco-friendly, fully recyclable decking products with the very best ‘green’ credentials. View our Environmental Statement to discover more about our stringent production process.  

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