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Steps to protect your decking from hot weather

Protect Decking From Sun Damage

Weather records were smashed this month as parts of the UK reached a scorching 31 degrees! As a nation, it’s safe to say we are always prepared for rain or cold weather. And so, we’ve listed a few tips to protect decking from sun rays and hot weather. Follow these decking sun protection tips to revitalise your decking at the end of the summer!

Decks are used more in the summer – wash them properly

It’s no secret that your holiday lodge decking is used more in the summer months. Whether its the kids running back from the beach or an evening barbeque party. Dirt and sand will start to build up. It is important to clean your decking off completely at the end of the summer to make sure you come back to a beautiful sundeck! We recommend using a hose to blast away any large areas of dirt and then applying Washbomb to totally clean your decking!  The Washbomb is environmentally-friendly and will leave your uPVC decking in pristine condition.

Revitalise your decking with Deck Max

To keep your decking looking brand new for longer, we recommend treating your sundecks once a year with a revitaliser. You can do this with Deck Max, we believe that Deck Max is the best decking revitaliser currently available. Just simply wash away all the dirt with a hose and then apply a coat of the revitaliser. This coat adds a protective layer for your decking and will give your uPVC extra resistance to the sun.

Choose uPVC decking

When planning your new sundeck, make sure you choose the right deck board material. Our uPVC is environmentally-friendly, virtually maintenance-free and far more resistant to hot or cold weather. Timber or composite alternatives are susceptible to weathering and fading and require more upkeep efforts, while our uPVC decking is easy to revitalise and looks brand new for much longer! Contact Mayfield to find out more about our uPVC and plastic usage.


Contact Mayfield to enquire about our decking products and for more decking sun protection tips. You can buy the best decking revitaliser chemicals and cleaning products from our After Care store. As a green organisation, Mayfield only supply the most environmentally-friendly products.


What is the Best Decking Treatment?

The best decking treatment depends on your decking material and the specific challenges it faces (e.g., high moisture, sun exposure). Browse for particular treatments that suit your exact problem.

How to Protect Decking?

To protect your decking effectively:

      • Clean Regularly: Remove debris and dirt to prevent mold and mildew growth.
      • Apply a Protective Finish: Use a waterproof sealant or a stain-sealant combo that suits your type of decking. Reapply every few years or as recommended.
      • Manage Exposure: Consider using shades or covers during extreme weather conditions to limit direct exposure to elements.
      • Routine Inspection: Regularly check for signs of wear or damage and address them promptly to prevent further deterioration

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