Wash Bomb – 12 Pack


  • Leaves no white residue
  • Easy & Simple to use
  • Environmentally friendly (biodegradable and solvent free)
  • Can be used to clean almost anything
  • P&P included – Mainland UK Only

Wash Bomb is a proven unique formula to safely remove grime and grease build-up from almost anything including decking, caravans, static homes, bicycles, cars and more!  Wash Bomb is the only cleaner Mayfield recommend to clean your Sundeck. It is non-foaming, anti-microbial (helps to prevent algae growth) and does not contain any harmful solvents that could harm the environment.

Usage instructions – Add contents of sachet to a bucket of water. Use a sponge/mop/cloth to apply. For heavy soiled areas add 1 sachet to every 4 parts of water, allow a couple of minutes to soak in and rinse off with water.

Visit our website for further information: washbomb.co.uk

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