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A Decade in the Making: Meet Eurofit, Our Dedicated Team in Northumberland

Meet Eurofit

Meet Eurofit

Mayfield and the UK’s original decking company. Just over 30 years ago, we started this business down in Poole, Dorset and what a wild ride it’s been.

Every year has been an adventure, from expanding the business and developing new products to working on bespoke projects that have never been attempted before. However, by now we all know that our achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our trusted suppliers.

Each month, we’re putting the spotlight on them. Our network of trusted suppliers work tirelessly up and down the country to install fleets of Mayfield decks at holiday and caravan parks. Not only that, they’ve all got their areas of expertise. From kitchen fitting to landscape gardening, there is nothing that The Mayfield Family can’t do.

This month, we’ve caught up with Louise at Eurofit. Ten years ago Louise, her husband and their colleague decided to leave the caravan park they were working at and become part of Mayfield. Using their experience, they’ve been able to offer our exceptionally high standards of service and every installation we’ve seen has been incredible.

Chatting with Louise reminds us of our values. We’re a family run business, something that we’re extremely proud of. We also care deeply about the impact our business has on the environment and are making positive changes to lead the way in sustainable decking. We couldn’t agree more with everything Louise had to say, so we’ll let her tell her own story…

Where it Started

Louise and her husband worked together at a local caravan park for fifteen years before launching Eurofit. It was there that they met Nick. Between the three of them, they had all bases covered. Claire was the administrator, Brian was the Maintenance Manager and Nick sited and checked the homes when they arrived at the park.  

It was Mayfield’s very own Mike Jarmey who put the idea of self-employment and launching the dealership in their heads… and what an amazing idea that was! 

Ten years ago, Brian and Nick left their positions at the caravan park and launched Eurofit. Louise managed the admin side of things in the evenings, taking on two jobs while they got off the ground.

In the early stages, they had no premises so everything was ordered per job. Louise recalls having balustrades and deck boards all over her house. It was only six months after launching that she also left her role at the caravan park, and none of them have looked back since.

18 months later they moved into their new premises, something terrifying for Eurofit at the time. But this wasn’t enough. Eurofit were growing every month. They were receiving more customer enquiries than they could fulfil, and working to the Mayfield standard meant they never wanted to let a customer down.

Eurofit now employs six people. Every new member they brought on in the early days has stayed with them throughout the last decade, yet another testament to Lousie and the amazing standards that Eurofit live up to.

How it’s Going

Launching a business, quitting your job and relying on your new venture to provide for you and your family is scary. Especially in the early days, every time they made a big purchase or new hire they were taking a risk.

Eurofit have stood strong through all of the challenges they’ve faced, at one point, losing a contract that equalled almost 80% of their business. It’s their team spirit, drive and determination that has seen them through these challenges. Everyone at Eurofit is an expert in their trade and, now, Louise is certain that they have nothing to fear in the future. There is no challenge too big for this amazing team.

As well as Mayfield decking, which they install mainly in Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham, Eurofit also work with caravan parks to put lodges together. This is something that they offer nationally and it has seen them travel all over the UK.

The holiday lodges arrive at the park in two halves so the park owners call the Eurofit team to ensure they are put together professionally. Occasionally they’ll ask for a new deck as well so it’s fantastic to know that Mayfield can assist park homes in more ways than one.

It’s clear to see how much respect they have within the holiday and caravan park industry, which is all down to their years of experience and exceptional customer services. They also work on residential properties, installing garden decks in homes in their areas. 

Having joined Mayfield ten years ago, the majority of decks that they install are from the Hampton or Focus range. Occasionally they’ll install a timber deck if that’s what the customer has asked for, but Louise highlighted the fact that the two products are very similar in price now so Eurofit are seeing more enquiries for uPVC from both the holiday park and residential customers.

What’s Next for Eurofit?

It’s difficult for anyone to predict the future at the moment. The last year has made everyone stop and think. Now that people are back in their holiday homes and staycations are trendier than ever, the future is bright for Eurofit.

One thing is for sure, Eurofit have seen an uptake in enquiries for residential garden decks over the last year. This is becoming a common theme whenever we’ve spoken to one of our approved suppliers. As people have spent more time at home, saving money on going out or holidays, they’ve decided now is the time to transform their garden space. 

Our gardens should be an extension of our homes and be a place to show our individuality. It’s nice to know that people all over the country are investing in their outdoor living – especially with so many of you working from home! 

More exciting news in Eurofit’s future is the ongoing buzz about staycations. As we all know, international travel is going to be difficult this summer. Staycations are on the tip of everyone’s tongue and now that people are allowed back at holiday parks we’re seeing more people travelling within the UK.

This is great news for our parks! Eurofit, along with the rest of Mayfield, are on hand to support these businesses as they deal with the increased demand. 

Holiday home owners have been looking at ways to increase the value of their homes so that they can benefit from the staycation boom. Working with a team like Eurofit to have a luxury Mayfield deck installed is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Where to Find Them

Louise and her team are looking forward to helping park operators with siting work, repairs and installing bespoke park home and residential garden decks across Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham. Keep an eye out for pictures of their incredible installations on social media:



If you want to talk to Eurofit about a decking installation (or you just want to give her and the team a massive round of applause) visit their website or give them a call on 01670 946350. 

You can also email the team at to arrange a site visit, get a quote or to discuss in detail your own specific requirements to make your deck the perfect accessory for your holiday home or garden. Everyone at Mayfield HQ is excited to see what the future holds for Eurofit. Building their business from the ground up couldn’t have been easy. At times, it was even terrifying. But just look at what this amazing team is doing. We’re certain that there is a very bright and exciting future ahead for Louise and the Eurofit family.

Do You Want to Join Mayfield?

We’re always looking for dealers who can provide our high levels of service to customers in their area. If you think you can live up to Louise and Eurofit’s standards, why not give our team a call or click here to find more information.