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How to Maintain Your Decking

How to Maintain Your Decking

How to Maintain Your Decking

Having a deck on a static home completely transforms your outdoor space. It gives you more space and adds value to the caravan. It is important to maintain your deck to keep it in the best condition. Here are our top tips on how to maintain your decking.

How to Clean Your Composite Decking

Deck maintenance and cleaning are advised if you want to keep your decking looking good. PVC decking is low maintenance, especially our decking. Our decking comes with a 12-year warranty, but regular cleaning and maintenance will help expand the lifetime of your deck, and combat the effects of regular use and weather.

The first step we recommend is to simply wash your deck down with a hose. This should remove any large areas of dirt and general waste that gathers on a deck over time. This should take no longer than 10 minutes. The next step is to use a deck cleaner concentrate. Using the cleaning concentrate, scrub the surface of your deck, ensuring that you scrub away any areas of mould and mildew. Once you have scrubbed the deck, wash away any cleaning composite that might remain on the surface of your deck.

How to Maintain Your Composite Decking

Now that your deck is sparkling clean, we recommend using a PVC deck revitaliser. Revitalises help to restore the effect of fading, stains, weathering, scratches and scuffs. You only need to use revitalise about once a year. Just coat it on your deck and sit back and relax knowing that your deck is covered.

The Best Deck Cleaners For Deck Maintenance

Being established for 25 years, we know the right deck cleaners and revitalises for the best maintenance results. Deck Max deck cleaner is ideal for any soiled decks. This highly concentrated cleaner can clean up to 2000 square ft of deck and works on a range of surface types, including wood and PVC.

This cleaner goes hand-in-hand with Deck Max PVC Revitalizer. It is the best choice for protecting your deck and restoring it to its original state. Both of these decking products are eco-friendly and are available in a deck cleaner bundle at a special offer price.