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Fast Facts About The Holiday Park Industry


Facts About The Holiday Park Industry

We’ve been analyzing some data and came across some pretty interesting results. Holiday parks management wrote an article based on information provided by the NCC (National Caravan Council) and the results seem more than promising for those who work or provide services to the industry. Let’s fire off some fast facts to paint a picture.

Number of caravans sold/Motor homes registered last year (2017)

We saw a 7.1% increase in the sale of new leisure vehicles compared to 2016

  • Touring caravans dispatched by dealerships is up 8.7% totaling 23,374 units!
  • 21,147 caravan holiday homes were dispatched to holiday parks. 14,062 motorhomes were registered with the DVLA which is up 14% since last year (data provided by the DVLA plus NCC)
  • The total number of units sold in 2017 increased to 58,583 compared to 54,680 in 2016.

What about the current size of the market?

We can see there are in excess of 365,000 caravan holiday homes in the UK alone.

Approximately 100,000 park homes, (known in law as ‘mobile homes’) provide permanent living accommodation across the UK. In 2016, 1,856 park homes were dispatched to residential parks – up 28%.

Fun facts

  1. In the region of 50 million nights are spent in caravans each year. This supports tourism and creates employment in rural and seaside areas across the UK.
  2. It is estimated that around £2 billion is spent on caravan holidays of various types each year.
  3. Year-round leisure vehicle use is now possible due to advances in technology and improvement in construction techniques, while some holiday parks now have licences to open for 10 or even 12 months of the year.


The holiday park industry is on the rise and with more technological advances we will likely see further increases on the horizon! to all those who work in the industry we wish you the best of luck for exciting times ahead! To all the customers who contribute to this growing industry we send our wishes and hope you use our services in the future.


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