Gas Bottle Covers

Tired of seeing ugly gas bottles against your beautiful holiday home or caravan? At Mayfield, we’ve got it covered.

We have produced a purpose-built Gas Bottle Cover that personifies form over function. Created by our engineering team to conceal 2 x 47Kg gas bottles, this simple design enhances the look of your holiday home whilst still enabling easy access for emergency and routine maintenance of gas services.

Weighing less than 23kg, the lightweight aluminium and UPVC construction makes it easy to manoeuvre into position and safely secure using the strap provided. Being lightweight keeps the carriage cost down and reduces fuel consumption and emissions when transporting.

Inherently Strong

Inherently strong

We have applied our knowledge of working with Aluminium subframes to create a lightweight yet
robust structure which is visually appealing and able to withstand year-round use in all weathers.


Safety in design

Quick and easy access to your gas supply is essential, especially in an emergency. The clever design not only allows for this but also promotes airflow to prevent the build-up of any escaping gas. The materials are Class 0 Fire-rated giving you peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Our Gas Bottle Cover is built to last using carefully selected materials that require no maintenance over their lifetime. No more painting or sealing, just the occasional wipe-over to keep them clean. Mayfield’s Washbomb is perfect for removing stubborn stains.


Sustainable products

Carefully selected materials are fully recyclable at the end of their considerable lifetime with no need for landfill. The aluminium frame is manufactured using recycled material which uses 95% less energy than virgin materials and the panels are made from recycled UPVC. Just like our Sundecks, we’ve gone timber-free.

Simple Assembly

Simple self-assembly

The unit comes in a flatpack with easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams and can be effortlessly assembled by one person in minutes. Storage is also made easy for Parks wishing to hold stock as the boxes are stackable taking up less room.

Colourful Choice

Colourful choice

No matter what colour of the home or van you have, we have a colour that will complement it and, in most cases, match the colour of your sundeck and skirting. Available in White, Cream, Slate Grey, Golden Oak, Dark Brown and Forest Green.

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Our Warranty

Our Gas Bottle Covers come with a 10-year warranty subject to conditions.

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To order our purpose -built Gas Bottle Covers or for more information, contact our Sales Team.

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