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Girls Run the World – Debbie’s Take on Women at Work

debbies take on women at work

Debbie Jarmey, Mayfield’s UK Sales Director, got the chance to share her opinions on the rise of women at the workplace. The article also got to look at how hard she has worked to get to the position she is in now.

If you look at every company within the industry, there are hardly any women heading them, but under that first layer, there are hundreds of women supporting those at the top.

The main topic of conversation was talking about how important it is to push for what you want. Debbie shows how the working life for women has changed since her first job in the caravan industry. This also describes some of the struggles encountered but how this pushed her further.

There were times when I felt very alone and vulnerable. I think that even now it’s difficult for women, but I hope I have helped pave the way for others and shown what a lass from Leeds can do by using sheer determination and a drive to succeed.

Debbie’s view on this important topic was featured in the Parks Business NCC magazine. The magazine combines information on everything you need for caravan holiday homes. This includes recommendations on the best products and locations as well as the latest news in the caravan industry.

The article also talks about her first job and how this transitioned to her position now. It shows how her love for the industry began.

I love the fact that caravanning is still so quintessentially British, nowhere else in the world do you find an industry like it. The homes are designed and built in the UK and used by people in the UK, and we should all be very proud of that. It’s always great to see families really enjoying their leisure time and being a part of that I really enjoy.

You can find out more about Debbie and Mayfield by reading the whole article here.

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