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The best cleaning products for uPVC decking

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Adding uPVC decking to your holiday home can truly transform your outdoor space and add value to your static caravan area. While our decking is low maintenance, it is important to regularly clean your decking to combat the effects of regular use and weathering. So what’s the best cleaning products for uPVC decking? Here are some of our top tips on giving your uPVC decking a great spring clean along with some of the best cleaning products for your uPVC decking.

How to clean your composite decking

The first step is to wash away any large areas of dirt with a hose. Secondly, we recommend using a decking cleaning substance to scrub away any built up areas of mold and mildew. It is important to wash the substance away once you have finished. Once dried, we recommend applying a deck revitaliser to help restore your decking to its original state and to offer further protection to your decking.

What is the best cleaning product for your decking?

With over 25 years of experience, we know the best cleaners and revitalisers to use to achieve the best results for your decking. We always recommend Washbomb to remove grime safely. This environmentally friendly product is easy and simple to use. It has the ability to remove grime of almost anything, making it the most effective cleaning product for your uPVC decking. The Washbomb is safe to use and will leave your uPVC decking in pristine condition.

We also recommend using DeckMAX Deck Cleaner Concentrate to help eliminate any mold, mildew and oxidation that has built up over time. DeckMAX is eco-friendly and can be used to clean wooden, composite or uPVC decking. The cleaning concentrate is so versatile that it can also be used in other areas of your holiday home. DeckMAX Concentrate can clean up to 2000 square feet and is available from our Aftercare store.

What is the best decking revitaliser?

To reviatlise your uPVC decking, we recommend DeckMAX’s Advanced PVC Deck Revitaliser which is used by both customers and deck manufacturers to reverse the impacts of weathering, fading, stains and minor scratches. DeckMAX’s plant-based Revitaliser offers advanced UV protection and can maximise the beauty of your outdoor space. This Revitaliser is also available from our After Care shop, save today with our DeckMAX Bundle special offer.

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