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Bespoke Staircases and Steps for Decking: Mayfield works with Spiral UK

Bespoke Spiral Staircase by Spiral UK

Mayfield have recently worked alongside Spiral UK to create stunning bespoke staircases and steps for decking.

Mayfield have always been passionate about creating both accessible and stunning sundecks for holiday homes and lodges. In fact, our business was founded on the idea that holiday home decking was not accessible to everyone. On some of our latest projects, we have began working alongside Spiral UK to create some gorgeous steps for decking which allow all the family to enjoy your outdoor living environment.

About Spiral UK

Spiral UK is the country’s leading specialist manufacturer of bespoke staircases, spiral staircases and helical stairs. Whatever style you have in mind, Spiral UK will be able to realise your vision. The company design fabulous staircases can transform homes or commercial spaces. Recently working alongside The Mayfield team to manufacture steps for decking, a bespoke staircase from Spiral UK can become the focal point of any luxury home or outdoor living space.

Bespoke Spiral Staircases for Decking

We recently commissioned Spiral UK to create a bespoke spiral staircase for this fabulous, two storey sundeck. No matter how challenging the brief, Spiral UK can deliver stylish and effective staircases to suit any type of property.

 Bespoke Spiral Staircase by Spiral UK

Traditional Steps for Decking

Of course, spiral staircases are not for everyone. Spiral UK have also recently designed this modern, yet practical staircase for one of our raised sundecks.

Here at Mayfield, we also will continue to offer our own range of stable, durable and weather-resistant uPVC steps to match your existing Hampton Decking. If you would like to discuss the more accessible options give our sales team a call on 01202 233959.

Steps for Decking

Two Storey Sundecks by Mayfield

Have you thought about a two storey sundeck? Maximise your outdoor space and the make the most of your views by adding a second storey to your decking. Contact our team of caravan decking experts for more information.

To find out more about Spiral UK, visit their website or call 0330 123 2447.


Q: What collaboration has Mayfield been involved in recently?

A: Mayfield has partnered with Spiral UK to create bespoke staircases and steps for decking.

Q: What is Mayfield’s approach to sundeck creation?

A: Mayfield aims to create both accessible and stunning sundecks for holiday homes and lodges, catering to a wide range of individuals.

Q: What is Spiral UK known for in terms of staircase manufacturing?

A: Spiral UK is a specialist manufacturer known for creating bespoke staircases, including spiral and helical stairs, that can transform homes or commercial spaces according to various styles and visions.

Q: How do Spiral UK’s staircase designs contribute to luxury homes and outdoor spaces?

A: Spiral UK’s bespoke staircases can become focal points in luxury homes or outdoor living spaces, adding a touch of style and elegance.

Q: Are spiral staircases the only option for decking access?

A: No, in addition to spiral staircases, Spiral UK has also designed practical, modern staircases suitable for raised sundecks, offering alternative options for access.

Q: What alternative to spiral staircases does Mayfield offer for their decking?

A: Mayfield offers their own range of stable, durable, and weather-resistant uPVC steps that are designed to match their existing Hampton Decking.

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