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5 Tips for Returning to Holiday Parks After Covid-19


Mayfield, along with a community of holiday park visitors in the UK, felt relieved to see the Government guidance announcing campsites, holiday homes and caravan parks were able to reopen from 4th July 2020. 

With guidance to follow and rules to abide by, both park operators and visitors alike must be aware of how to safely return to holiday parks after Covid-19. It is important to research this. Be sure to check the latest Government guidance before visiting a holiday park. 

It’s time to let the adventures begin (again). We have put together a short guide of 5 Tips for Returning to Holiday Parks After Covid-19 so you can safely enjoy your trips to holiday parks in 2020. 

1 – Do Your Research

Before making plans, it is important to check your holiday park is open, and you are able to visit your home. You should be able to find this out online or by contacting the holiday park. 

Many parks across the country are taking part in Visit England’s Good to Go campaign, enabling them to have a certificate proving they are adhering to the latest Government guidance, have carried out a risk assessment and are implementing new processes to ensure all site visitors are safe. You could ask your park if they are certified over the phone, or check their website. 

2 – Find out your park’s rules

Upon visiting your holiday park, it is essential to support and follow their guidance, rules and procedures to ensure you and other park visitors are safe. This could mean following social distancing guidelines, checking if facilities are open or closed or wearing PPE.

Supporting your park will ensure they can provide a good service and experience to both you and other park users.

An example of new park rules is social distancing. Mayfield have been working closely with holiday parks to create new bespoke barriers and social distancing measures. Find out more in our blog.

3 – Support Local Businesses

Visiting your holiday park is a great opportunity to support small, local businesses who may have been impacted by Covid-19 closure. You could do this by buying from local shops and using local services where possible. This has been a turbulent time for local businesses and therefore supporting them through this is a great way you can support your community. 

Why not try buying souvenirs from local shops, or a takeaway from a small restaurant? You could ask your holiday park for some local recommendations.

4 – Use Washbomb to Clean Your uPVC Deck Accessories

 After leaving your decking for a long period of time, you may find it needs a light clean or wash to ensure it is in top condition for you to enjoy. Washbombs are a simple, environmentally friendly way to clean your uPVC decking. They are non-foaming, anti-microbial and are one of the simplest ways to clean decking, caravans and static homes. 

Washbombs also contain Quaternary ammonium compound which, alongside other ingredients, prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus. Washbombs are available in our Decking Aftercare Online Shop.

5 – Make the Most of Your uPVC Decking

Decking is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor space with friends and family. It provides a space to enjoy the sun, get fresh air and enjoy each other’s company outside the home. 

Mayfield offer a range of decking aftercare products including Deck Max Revitaliser and Cleaner and Multi Purpose Treatments

Decking Aftercare Products can help maintain the high-quality finish of your uPVC decking and help to combat the effects of regular use and weathering. For more information about the best cleaning products for your uPVC decking, have a read of our blog

As well as following these 5 Tips for Returning to Holiday Parks After Covid-19, there is other ways you can support your holiday park through this time. Why not leave a review, share pictures or tell a friend about your experience at your holiday park?

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Q: Is it safe to visit holiday parks after Covid-19?

A: It is important to research and check if your chosen holiday park is open and following the latest Government guidance. Look for the “Good to Go” certification that indicates adherence to safety measures.

Q: What safety measures should I follow at the holiday park?

A: Each holiday park will have its own set of rules and procedures to ensure visitor safety. These may include social distancing guidelines, mask-wearing, and facility usage protocols.

Q: How can I find out about my park’s specific rules?

A: Contact the holiday park directly to inquire about their specific safety rules and guidelines. You can also check their website or any official communication channels.

Q: How can I support local businesses while visiting the holiday park?

A: Use this opportunity to support local businesses that may have been affected by Covid-19 closures. Buy from local shops and use local services whenever possible to help the community.

Q: What is a Washbomb, and how does it help in cleaning decking?

A: A Washbomb is an environmentally friendly cleaning product for uPVC decking. It is non-foaming, antimicrobial, and can help maintain a clean surface, including protection against bacteria and viruses like Coronavirus.

Q: Where can I get Washbombs for cleaning my decking?

A: Washbombs are available in the Decking Aftercare Online Shop offered by Mayfield, the company providing the tips for returning to holiday parks.

Q: What other decking aftercare products are available?

A: Mayfield offers a range of decking aftercare products, such as Deck Max Revitaliser and Cleaner, as well as Multi-Purpose Treatments, to maintain the quality of uPVC decking and protect it from regular use and weathering.

Q: How can I make the most of my UPVC decking during my holiday park visit?

A: UPVC decking is an ideal outdoor space for enjoying time with friends and family. It provides a place to relax, get fresh air, and enjoy each other’s company. Utilise the available decking aftercare products to keep it in top condition.

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