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New for 2021: 100% Recycled Polypropylene Slabs for Decking

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Here at Mayfield we have unveiled yet another ground-breaking product to further enhanced our sundecks. The humble post support Slabs for Decking made from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP).  Decking post support slabs are a fundamental building block of any sundeck and often go unnoticed. Whilst many may see the post slab as being insignificant, we believe that even the most insignificant parts are in fact significant, and if we can improve on it aesthetically and structurally…we will!

Enhancing the look of your sundeck

We know looks are important, that’s why we have designed our new Slabs for Decking for the modern decking. Our new sleek black slab is created with modern sundecks in mind. The black design will complement any home with Hampton or Focus decking and replace our previous concrete slabs to add to your deck’s style and aesthetics.

Staying strong

We have designed our new PP slabs to be strong. Really strong! They have been load tested to 250kg and are impact resistant making them incredibly robust. PP is a very durable material and used in many commercial and automotive applications. Comparing our PP slabs to concrete slabs would be like comparing Balsa wood to mahogany. Sundeck post slabs are an essential part of any installation when a sundeck is to be installed onto soft ground such as turf and it is important your deck has the right footing to keep it from sinking and becoming unlevel.

Environmentally friendly

We have made our new slabs from 100% recycled PP as being a plastic producer we want be using recycled materials wherever possible as our duty of care for our planet. The slabs can also be 100% recycled (unlike plastic composites) so at the end of their lifetime they can be reprocessed and not end up in landfill. Many of the products used in the fabrication of our sundecks are made from recycled materials. We are thrilled to now have our decking slabs join our recycled product line-up. Investing in new ways to improve our company sustainability and using recycled materials in the building process reduces our environmental impact of which we are very proud.

2021 product range

Next year we have a range of new products that are truly groundbreaking. The development has been driven on one key emphasis; to offer you, our customers, the very best sundecks using the best and most innovative materials. Keep an eye on our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to find our latest updates!

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